Emjoy Lands Seed Funding of €1m

The sexual wellness app, Emjoy, recently closed a €1million seed round from Nauta Capital. The app works to empower women on their way to sexual happiness through scientifically backed and research centred audio content.

The platform launched its app both on Google Play and App Store last week. The app has over 80 audio sessions, including meditation sessions and practical guides as well as tips for communication meant to help the user improve their sexual life.

The Barcelona-based company was founded by Daniel Tamas and Andrea Oliver in 2018. Andrea moved on from the company after four years of working there saying:

‘I have always been a feminist. Growing up, I knew many of my girlfriends who experienced their sexuality in shame, knowing very little about their bodies – some even doubted having ever had an orgasm.’

The general partner at Nauta Capital, Jordi Vinas, added:

‘I have worked with Andrea for long and seen her knowledge and passion for building a scalable, global business. We are happy to partner with Emjoy as they begin this journey to handle a vital issue that has been ignored for too long.’

There are over 700 early sign-ups on Emjoy before its launch. The app will use its funds to add staff and build a presence in the US and the UK.

Credit: https://www.businessofapps.com/news/sexual-wellness-app-emjoy-lands-e1m-in-seed-funding/

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