eCommerce Retailers Flock to Facebook

86.8% of marketers in the US plan to use Facebook in their social marketing campaigns this year, according to a forecast by eMarketer.

A different 73.2% use Instagram to advertise, 34.1%, Pinterest, and only 30.1% use Snapchat.

One could draw the line to the desire by marketers to reach a broad audience with Snapchat and Pinterest having a skew toward younger female shoppers.
Marketers now turn to Facebook when they want to drive traffic. In 2019’s Q1, the platform drove 90.4$ of all referrals from social to retail sites. Instagram followed at a distant 10.7%.

‘For many marketers, Facebook is the go-to because of its scale and size,’ said Zvika Goldstein. Goldstein is the chief officer for product at Kenshoo. ‘In specific categories, marketers prefer Instagram as a vehicle for e-commerce.’

Instagram has improved its shopping features by introducing a checkout option to make the shopping experience seamless. In May, the app added a shoppable tag that creators can use to direct users.

In the same manner, Pinterest has been expanding its shoppable options by adding a catalog of features for retail marketers and advertisers.
‘Pinterest is popular during wedding planning,’ explain the founder of MikMak, Rachel Tipograph. ‘However, if you are a performance marketer, you are looking to make sales every day, all day. In that universe, Pinterest has no credits.’

Notably, social commerce is still young, with only one out of every six UK consumers having used a direct buy button on any social media site. Meanwhile, over 60% of shoppers have clicked on an ad on social media.

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