Dixie Drives Completion Rates 99% for In-store Video


  • The paper products brand, Dixie, was able to increase awareness for Ultra Deep Dish Plates using a campaign on Shopkick that offered shopping rewards. The campaign was able to generate over 16 million impressions and realize a 99% completion rate for branded video. The videos were delivered to shoppers holding the specific package.

  • Over 1.7 million shoppers interacted with the products while on Walmart stores all over the country. The campaign led to an increase in the number of purchases with 50% of surveyed buyers admitting to making an unplanned purchase.

  • Shopkick provided an incentive to the consumer with ‘kicks’ – the app’s currency. Users simply had to find the plates in the store and engage with the product. The tech company had a 2D image recognition and a scanner that looked at video features and let the brand show product details. The branded video would come alive when the shopper was ready to make a purchase.


The awareness campaign by Dixie on the Shopkick app was very successful. The brand has been around for over 100 years and is reasonably recognizable, but it has been facing intense competition from private brands. Such private labels are expected to take $64 billion in sales from brands in ten years. Their CPG share has grown to get to 18% last year and is likely to be at 26% in 2027 going by Candent Consulting Group’s forecasts. By working with Shopkick, the brand encouraged shoppers to visit stores, watch a video and buy something. It demonstrates how in-store efforts can work with mobile to drive sales and brand awareness.

Many brands have partnered with Shopkick in creating marketing campaigns in-store. Schwarzkopf, the haircare brand, used the company’s post-scan feature alongside location tech in their stores to show different hair colors. Shoppers could scan a box and watch a video showing them how the color looks. The company saw a completion rate of 96% and 2.1X ROI with the rewards app that the consumer could use in a Walmart store. Shopkick is looking to help consumers personalize their information in stores. The rewards system gives them a reason to research brands.

Mobile phones and other tech continue to be useful in stores as a shopping tool more so for comparing prices. Retailers respond to different trends by creating apps for people who want to find out more about products on their phones as they shop. Over 50% of consumers have used a mobile app for a retailer in-store. 50% of retailers say that a shopping app is their priority for omnichannel marketing. 45% said they have mobile points of sale as parts of their plans.


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