Developers Can Now Measure App Ad Revenue by User

Developers still concern themselves over ad revenues, with good reason too. It does not help that the lack of dedicated tools makes it difficult to measure revenue, to link data and to optimize user acquisition and monetization.

Now, thanks to ironSource, there is a User Ad Revenue tool that allows the developer to determine revenue by user.

‘We want this capability to help our partners generate profits efficiently per user across all their channels of marketing,’ says Tal Shoham, the COO of the app monetization company.

‘As a mediator, we are able to see things other networks simply cannot. We can provide an image of ad revenue developed from an all-around view of the networks. We have also partnered with leading providers for attribution. This means we can generate a view of monetization that is comprehensive. No one has been able to do this before so ours is a game changer. The app marketer can not only bid accurately, but they can also be confident that their investments will prove profitable.’

Before now, successful user acquisition was determined on the basis of in-app purchases. However, the channels that excelled were not assessed at the same time. The new tool determines marketing channel success using data from mediation platforms to show revenues per user across ad networks.

Some partnering attribution providers include Tenjin, AppsFlyer, Adjust, and Kochava - developers can see their revenues through them. App marketers are also able to optimize and adjust campaigns to a model based on ROAS.

The new feature is already working. For instance, Kongregate used it to optimize ad spend on many marketing channels.

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