Customer Preference Drives In-App Ad Spend

Mobile advertisers are still leveraging in-app PMPs, driven by the changing consumer preferences that shift the scales towards mobile browsers.

According to the latest Mobile Index from Pubmatic, this trend started in the second quarter.

‘We keep seeing the growth of in-app at the center of programmatic ad spending,’ said Pauline Klimenko. Klimenko is the SVP of corporate development at the company. ‘Consumer engagement is shifting to mobile and there is a huge potential for advertisers and publishers to capitalize on the trend,’ she continues.

Ad spending is also moving away from the desktop.

From 2017’s second quarter to the same period in 2018, mobile video ad spend grew by 239%.

Overall, ad spend on mobile has grown by 25% according to the find outs published by Pubmatic.

In-app already represents over 50% of mobile ad spend all over the world. Its growth has remained at 21% year-over-year. The expansion of the sector is primarily driven by the growth rate of iOS and Android users at 47% and 13% respectively.

Mobile web eCPMs have reduced 16% year-over-year, and PubMatic attributed this to the pressure to price downwards.

Advertisers continued to spend on mobile apps causing in-app eCPM to rise 11%. Desktop eCPM, on the other hand, has seen a 5% increase.

PubMatic says that it surveyed a good number of the 12 trillion ad bids for its index, analyzing the data on a monthly basis.

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