Burger King Wins This Round with AR App


  • Burger King has begun to offer its mobile app users in Brazil a Whopper for free for setting fire to ads from their rivals. According to a report by The Drum, the food chain’s app has a ‘Burn That Ad’ banner which users can tap on while pointing the camera of their phone at a printed copy, billboard or coupon ad from its competitors like McDonald’s.
  • A Video Spot for the new campaign shows the app using augmented reality (AR) to overlay images of a fire which will burn away the ads from competitors and reveal a coupon for a Whopper sandwich from the nearest location of the food chain.
  • Burger King has budgeted for more than 0.5 million Whoppers in the period of the campaign highlighting the pickup, payment and pre-ordering features of BK Express.


Burger King has always been famous for its flame grilling technique since 1954 when it was opened. Now the burger chain is moving a step higher in their PR using virtual flames to remove their competition. The teaser spot released on YouTube does not mention McDonald's specifically, but there is pixelated imagery of print ads and billboards that points to the fact that the campaign targets it.

The AR feature will help to engage users by providing an exciting activity while at the same time promoting BK Express, a service that allows customers not to queue, but to pick up their order. The feature delivers a coupon for a free Whopper as a creative way to urge the user to see the virtual burn to the end. The ticket also drives more customers to the food chain’s locations.
In the world of fast-food restaurants, mobile-based trolling campaigns have gained popularity with chains like Wendy’s Burger King and McDonald's participating to vie for the attention of the young customer.

In December, Burger King saw over 1.5 million app downloads using the ‘Whopper Detour’ campaign that made use of geofencing to give users a Whopper whenever they were near a McDonalds. For Wendy’s, the National Frozen Food Day was spent trolling McDonald’s on Twitter. The company offered customers free Jr. Bacon Cheeseburgers for any purchase using their mobile app causing people to download the app.


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