Brands Prefer Personalized Strategies for Video Ads

70% of brands utilize personalized video ad strategies according to research by SundaySky. The video marketing and personalization company question consumers on satisfaction within healthcare, retail, telecommunication, financial, and travel services.

In general, consumers thought video brands to personalize their content the most.

Bank of America was ranked top for its personalization efforts, which yielded positive consumer experiences across its media and advertising channels.
Brands in the financial services sector scored the best in personalization efforts while travel services were rated highest for video given they draw content from different localities.

‘Online video can help professionals with their digital business strategy. It educates customers about services and products, increases brand awareness and helps with upselling, cross-selling and lead generation,’ writes a Forrester analyst, Nick Barber. ‘Video can, specifically, encourage the customer to buy, increase how satisfied they are with the service, and connect them emotionally.’

According to the findings, the strategy offers the consumer value and improves their satisfaction.

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