Brands Pay for Re-sharing Influencer Posts on Instagram

Instagram is providing an easier way for the advertiser to turn influencer posts into ads to reach more people after many requests from businesses.

Until now, brands could only partner with influencers directly to sponsor videos or posts. However, then the posts would only reach the niche audience of the influencer.

Thanks to the update, influencers will have an option to allow their partners to boost their posts using a partnership tool. Brands will then be able to feature the stories or posts in their feed for their audience.

The feature will also allow the influencer to benefit, getting new followers.
Instagram users may notice an additional #ad or #sponcon to posts that appear in their feeds. Some fear this may affect user experience.

According to Instagram, 68% of users respond to influencers on the regular. UM, the media agency recently found that only 4% of the respondents of a 56 000 internet user survey, trust celebrities and influencers.

Instagram adds that the feature has been requested often by brands.
Currently, the branded content ads are available to half the businesses on the platform.

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