Brands and Retailers Boost Engagement Using Stickers on Instagram


  • Instagram introduced polling stickers that are added to Stories Ads to give retailers and brands an additional way to engage their audience, and they are jumping at the opportunity to post interactive content. Of every ten campaigns, nine of them use the stickers according to an announcement on Mobile Marketer. The stickers boosted the number of Instagram Stories Ad views.

  • Dunkin, realized a decrease in the cost for each video view of 20% in their trial using the stickers. Meanwhile, Next Games saw an increase in app installs of 40% using the poll stickers. The retailer Asos took advantage of a similar pole to know what users feel about the clothing based on gender that they were rolling out in their fashion concept.

  • Every day, more than 500 million consumers will use Instagram Stories. 60% of businesses that use Insta stories will add an interactive element like a poll sticker, a mention or a hashtag, based on a report given by Instagram.


Poll stickers make Stories more interactive. Advertisers can see how the user interacts with their content and get an inkling to the sentiments of the viewers. Consequently, they can encourage fans to interact with the content they put up. Instagram Stories Ads allow marketers to share vertical and full-screen format videos and photos with their audiences to boost brand awareness and to drive traffic to another place. Advertisers can direct viewers to a specific action like downloading an app. For instance, the brand of cookies marketed by Nabisco, Nilla Wafers, used an Instagram Stories campaign to boost ad recall by 32% reaching more than 11 million users.

Any advertiser, regardless of their following, can make their Stories interactive using Ads Manager on Instagram, the programmatic platform. Instagram said that advertisers would have to decide to use the Stories section as an ad placement before they edit or create ad content. They have to check a box that is labeled ‘Add an interactive poll,’ so that they can activate the feature and get access to insights. Along the insights, advertisers get to run contests, gamify their ads or even spark further conversations with their audiences according to a blog post on the company’s blog.

The move is the latest addition to the platform’s features that follow positive test results. Last month, the platform announced the end of a beta rollout for a native function that would let mobile users buy and track purchases without having to exit the app. Brands like Warby, Zara, H&M, Nike, and Adidas participated in the beta test.

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