Auto Brands Run Ads on Instagram and Facebook over other Social Media


  • Automotive brands have been reported to love Facebook the most for their ads. Nissan and Volkswagen post 100% of their ads on the network according to a report by BrandTotal. The research also revealed Tesla to have no social media ads between March 26 and April 26.

  • Toyota, which competes with Volkswagen for the ‘biggest carmaker’ seat posts 62% of its ads on the platform. Ford comes a close second at 55%, Infiniti at 52%, BMW AT 46% and Honda at 38%.

  • Instagram comes second as a popular platform for ads for carmakers. According to BrandTotal, Infiniti spent 40% of its ads on the platform, followed by Porsche, BMW, and Honda at 39%, 32%, and 27% respectively.


Data by BrandTotal shows that carmakers are more comfortable using Instagram and Facebook for their ads. Most of those brands allocate the most significant percentage of their ad placements to the two platforms. YouTube was number three in terms of popularity, followed by Twitter. Audi had 54% of all its ad placements on YouTube, Porsche 37%, Ford 39%, and Honda 33%. BMW posted 20% of its ads on Twitter, followed by Cadillac at 8%. The rest of the brands placed less than 2% of their ad placements on Twitter.

At the same time, Tesla used organic Instagram posts and Tweets rather than running social media ads. Their Instagram account currently has a following of 5.8 million compared to its 3.6 million Twitter followers giving the company a big audience. It is noteworthy that other brands, such as Toyota, separate accounts for their markets. Traditionally, Tesla relied on Elon Musk’s publicity. The company’s CEO has over 26 million Twitter followers.
Besides social media ads, carmakers use Facebook and Instagram to run campaigns that emphasize user-generated or original content. This week, Mercedes released an AR filter on Instagram and a clip on YouTube aimed at reaching millennials. In March, Acura ran a campaign to ask Instagram users to share videos of their basketball skills or in their daily situations. In February, BMW participated in a podcast with six episodes that were meant to promote the X7 Sports Activity to foodies.

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