AppNexus’ prebid video’s client success

AppNexus recently announced Prebid Video’s client success. The tech is built on Prebid.js, the most famous header bidding open source technology in the industry. Their clients, such as Diply, Ranker and FANDOM reported increasing revenue shares through the video header bidding. They reported better integration, the ability to customize, optimized yields (both nationally and internationally) and up to 100% increase in eCPMs than integrations based on tags.

According to Eric Hoffert, a video technologist with AppNexus, Prebid video gives an unprecedented video supply and quality to their clients. Prebid transforms video header bidding,’ he says ‘We have seen over a billion header bidding requests for our videos per month. Also, eCPMS often go above the average prices in the exchanges.

The technology empowers publishers to make money off out-stream and in-stream video inventory. Publishers can customize and control their processes across devices (mobile and desktop) to be able to optimize revenue and reduce latency.

The tech has been a dominant game changer for publishers. Since Ranker integrated Prebid Video last year, they have seen an increase in out-stream and in-stream video header bidding revenue. Ranker is a Top 30 Quantcast site with an audience of over 70 million unique visitors per month.

Their Chief Technologist, Premesh Purayil says Our eCPMs have doubled our tag-based integrations. This is a notable increase owing to the quality of our supply. In the last quarter of 2017, the direct deals revenue and video header advertising revenue were even. The latter was the primary advertising revenue driver. Originally, we tested over 50 tag-based partners, but we have now narrowed down to 15, improving our efficiency and streamlining operations.

Prebid Video is also easy to set up. FANDOM integrated the technology in June 2017. They are an entertainment media brand, serving over 180 million unique visitors.

Omni-channel publishers value video header bidding. With prebid video, we have been able to extend to provide this capability, says the FANDOM’s director of revenue partnerships. We can now tap into the demand for international videos using many demand partners, continues Lincoln Gunn. We have been able to shun tag-based partnerships and activate out-stream revenues thereby increasing our competitiveness.

A lifestyle website with over 42 million unique visitors per month added in prebid Video to allow banner units and out-stream video to compete. Diply, the site is the 68th largest U.S domain.

We were able to build a customized solution for our monetization strategy fast, creating strong returns almost immediately from our out-stream video offering, said the vice president of Diply, Sheri Ham. We achieved over a million impressions for video header bidding per day in a very short time.

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