Applift Rebrands to Focus on Mobile Ad Outcomes Based on Performance

The mobile advertising tech company Applift just announced a decision to refocus its brand on outcomes for mobile ads based on performance. It just happened that during the rebrand, the company is also launching Mobile Journey Ads solution to offer a CPA based measurement for performance.

As part of the shift, the company launched a logo, brand messaging and website design.

Through Mobile Journey Advertising, the advertiser will not have to run retargeting and app acquisition campaigns separately. Marketers will only pay for the users they get, and not the ones that are not active. Thanks to the focus, brands can find and engage customers who use the app loyally.

According to the CEO of the company, Tim Koschella:

‘The mobile ads industry needs models centered on ROIs and uses the entire funnel to drive activation of customers. Ours is the first to offer this CPA model for both new and re-engaged users. We are happy to offer our customers this offering so that they pay only for the true results in an industry that still mainly relies on legacy models of pricing.’

The company released an infographic explaining why engagement, for the marketer, should be a top priority over installs.

Mobile Journey Advertising starts with an app that you install. After installation the user can become loyal, hence the new solution. It drives actions post-install that increase the value of a user in their lifetime.

Applift mobile engagement infographic

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