Apple Updates Criteria for Age on Gambling Apps

Apple recently confirmed that apps with intense or frequent simulated gambling would be rated 17+ all over the world, and developers got email alerts concerning the change.

The company also announced that gambling apps that meet specific criteria would be allowed for users 19+ in South Korea.

‘If your app meets any one of the listed criteria, you can display it on the App Store in the Korean Republic to 19+ users. You will require a rating classification number from the Game Rating and Administration Committee to connect in the App store,’ said Apple in an email.

Apple says that apps within the ‘intense simulated gambling’ category include casino apps or those with simulated nudity and sexual content, drug use or references to such and those with realistic violence.

Developers will have to sign in at App Store Connect and feed in the relevant classification number under the ‘Availability’ section in the app info. Apps will be reviewed for content.


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