Apple Adds Campaign Management Partners to Bolster Search

Apple is working to improve its ad business by introducing changes to its Search Ads. The Ads help developers to push their apps to places where the user can see them.

Now, the company has introduced campaign management partners including Kenshoo and Bidalgo.

Bidalgo will help the advertiser to conduct their ad campaigns on the App Store. Before this partnership, Apple worked with Adjust, Kochava, Branch, and AppsFFlyer to help advertisers to see how their campaigns were doing.
Bidalgo differs from the other partners in that it will help in the management of campaigns.

The move has the potential to open Search to other brands and agencies that need management partners to grow.

Although Search Ads remain far behind what Google and Facebook offer, this move is a sign that the company is pulling up its socks. Targeting is, however, unlikely to challenge Facebook because Apple is committed to protecting user privacy.

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