App Developers Prefer Running Ads In-App to Make Money

49% of app developers say that they prefer in-app ads for monetization, with the number using this as the only method. 20% combined the technique with IAP, and 16% used IAP alone. 15% were found to prefer subscriptions.

Latest Chocolate App Developer survey results show that ad mediation adoption has become popular. 63% of respondents admitted to having tried it, 28% of whom were happy, and 9% were done with the method.

46% of developers know the differences between unified actions and waterfall bidding methods while 31% were found to have a basic knowledge. 23% of developers do not know the differences.

The survey considered 158 respondents and highlighted some concerns for monetization using in-app ads including low eCPM, low fill rates, and issues with billing and payment.

Most developers were found to still use ad mediation partners that use waterfall models.

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