App Developers Can Bid Programmatically on Google

The revenue generated relates to the cost of driving installations and other actions that result in profitability. Last week, Google launched an automated bidding option for advertisers to gain access to ad inventory on YouTube.

The new option targets ROAS and is due for release in the coming month on Android and iOS all over the world. It calculates the bid for each advertiser. It is designed to charge more for the users who spend more time in an app, or more money and less for those whose expenditure is limited.

Google also introduced new ways of developing and managing campaign elements to make it easy to serve existing and potential customers with ads that are more relevant throughout their browsing experience.

The company set out two placement options that start with YouTube. Advertisers will get one video and one landscape image with the first placement being on the homepage feed and the second on an in-stream video.

Later in the days to come, advertisers will be able to have many ad groups in one campaign and to customize assets in every group around a message or theme for various customers.

While placements and bidding options became better, the list of agency partners who are validated grew in length.

Vidmob, Bamboo, Webpals, Kaizen Ad, Customer Acquisition, and Kuaizi were among the eight agency partners picked by Google to help with the management of the creative process, including reporting and design.

The agencies were picked based on their past experiences to work with the AppDev team on Google. For instance, they had to show that they can develop creatives for the top tier. The picked agencies had to know how to form ad assets on all Google app formats like video, text, and image. They also had to show expertise in aspect ratios.

Google organized for trial periods with the partners where major adoption, quality, and awareness metrics like the performance of creatives and the number of supported clients were assessed and tracked.

The picked agencies will form part of Google’s partner directory for their advertisers. They are expected to keep themselves updated on innovations and creative trends while maintaining their expertise and ability to implement Google’s best practices and latest tools. They will be required to know monetization models. As of today, Google offers open bidding and waterfall mediation, but the company is looking to introduce more.

App developers can look forward to the company introducing newer ways of increasing revenue as Google explores ways to grow general app revenue past ads.

During the Google Developer Conference, the company announced smart segmentation, which is one of the ways it helps developers to increase their revenue. They can display ads to users who do not spend on purchases in apps.

A spokesperson of the company said that developers who take part in the said program have realized up to 30% increases in their overall revenue. There are investments directed at creating solutions that increase revenue for developers and make their work easier.

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