AdMob Adds New Data for In-App Reporting

More consumers are turning to their phones before the desktop, and AdMob is improving its features in response.

Recently, the company updated AdMob SDK to offer insights into how users interact with the app, with rewarded ads, and with the content.

The improvements also compare metrics like estimated earnings using dimensions like country, format, and ad unit.

Developers will have to update the SDK to enable the new features and then log-in to enable user metrics.

Basic user engagement metrics will appear among the data on the dashboard. The report helps developers and marketers to watch top-line user numbers and to monitor performance.

The reporting also covers in-app purchase and subscription revenue. According to Google, the aim is to minimize the time advertisers spend going between interfaces. IAP reporting is now only available on iOS but will soon be released on Android.

The report for rewarded ads will help marketers to understand how users interact with the rewards offered in an app. It captures full activity on AdMob, including third-party inventory and open bidding.

A new API is currently in beta that will help marketers to get publisher reports on self-serve. Metrics in the API will be consistent with AdMob front-end interface. It will be more accurate than the AdSense API.

Credit: Media Post

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