Adjust’s CAAF recognizes and welcomes Headway

Just this week, Headway announced that they had been accepted into the Adjust CAAF (Coalition Against Ad Fraud).

The media marketing company have been dedicated to fighting mobile ad fraud, a quest that has earned them influence and leadership in the industry.

Becoming a part of the coalition is reserved for companies who succeed an intense vetting process and commit to following set guidelines that cover latency and performance requirements. Now, Headway will work with other innovators in the field to create modern solutions to the issue of ad fraud.

The COO of the company, Luis Barrague, is happy with the development and the contribution they will have to future fraud management and protection.

From the onset, we valued transparency and quality. We invested in developing our technology to be able to analyze over 6 000 requests in a second and to recognize suspicious patterns. We are proud to be recognized by Adjust. We look forward to being actively involved in CAAF. Fighting fraud is no mean task. We know that, but we are certain that our commitment to the issue will help mobile ads creatives.

The coalition offers a community for fighting fraud in the industry. We collaborate to create standards to educate marketers to watch out for fraud and to promote transparency. We are delighted that the supply side has started being more involved in this quest and we are happy to welcome Headway,

says the Senior Director of Compliance and Fraud, Adjust, Andreas Naumann.

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