Ad Tech Stacks Remain Bloated

Marketers and advertisers have lowered the use of ad technologies by 12% as they try to improve transparency, simplify processes and address ad tech bloat.

According to research by AdLedger, initial signs were promising, but marketers and brands will add close to 8.5 new technologies in 2019.

There seems to be a disconnect between how many ad technologies marketers plan to use in three years and the average technologies they have stacked this year.

It seems that brands are hopeful that they would deploy simpler tech stacks in three years, with the help of technologies based on AI.

AI tools, campaign management tools and data management tools were among the top preferred technologies of the future.

Meanwhile, transparency, brand safety and fraud control ad tech solutions performed the worst.

It was interesting that 80% of marketers thought technology providers to be responsible for fixing the issues in the ecosystem.

‘Data suggests that publishers and marketers have little recourse. Affecting real change becomes difficult in an ecosystem that is foundationally complex and based on point solutions. There is zero incentive for widespread demand in the current ecosystem. Transparency becomes secondary to short term performance, and stacks are too complex to prevent fraud,’ concludes the report.


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