Ad Fraud Affects Banking, Dating and Shopping Apps

Advertising fraud is still one of the issues mobile marketers battle with. A new report by Adjust revealed banking, dating, and e-commerce apps to be the most affected.

Last year, the mobile measurement and fraud prevention company rejected 300 million illegitimate installs. 48% of these fraudulent installs was made through click injection, 25% via click spam, and 17% through SDK spoofing.
‘Ad fraud continues to be the proverbial thorn in the mobile industry’s flesh all over the world. While shopping, dating, and banking apps were the most affected, that fact is unsurprising,’ says Paul H. Muller. Muller is the CTO and co-founder of Adjust. ‘These apps have the most significant CPAs.

Fraudsters will not discriminate by vertical, but they follow the money, and the more it is, the harder they will work.’

The most recent global trends show Indonesia to see the fastest growth for app marketers closely followed by Brazil, Korea, Turkey, and Malaysia.
Mid-core games were found to have significant increases in traffic in 2018 gunning for the second position alongside taxi apps and sports games apps. Video apps were ranked fourth.

The report goes on to talk about app retention with the studied apps losing 69% of their user base on the first day. Retention decreases by 21% during the first week. Apps are losing close to 79% of their users one week after installation.

Comic and news apps were found to have higher retention rates a week after installation with 2.2 sessions every day for each. Some gaming apps were also reported to keep users better as opposed to others. At the same time, sports apps lost 18% of their users.

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