90% of Android Gamer Ads on Social Media are ‘Dark’

90% of ads displayed to Android gamers on social media are dark, and so their targeting is not accessible to the public.

According to BrandTotal, dark marketing makes 88% of social media ad spend. Eight hundred ninety-one brands targeted gaming audiences on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook on Android during the seven days of the research.

The study found 87% of ads from mobile carriers to be dark campaigns.

These brands reached 76% of users on Facebook, 20% on YouTube, and 3% on Twitter.

To deal with dark campaigns, BrandTotal and GfK partnered to allow marketers to track their campaigns and optimize them for real-time customers.

The partnership uses BrandTotal’s digital marketing reporting and intelligence solutions platform.

‘By joining the assets from the two companies, we answer one question that clients ask – are my social campaigns effective?’ said the EVP of Strategy and Innovation, Natasha Stevens. ‘BrandTotal has an extraordinary system for lighting the dark sides of social media activity, and it can use GfK’s consumer data to make the activity-specific. This is a breakthrough for both advertisers and the social media marketplace, which now has an excellent tool for supporting growth.’

The targeting will benefit marketers looking to save money on targeting.

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