77% of Marketers in the UK Create Ad Tools In-house

Most UK marketers build their advertising tools in-house according to research by Mailjet.

The email solutions provider carried out a survey involving 600 decision-makers in France, the UK, and the US and found 77% of them to be developing in-house tech.

77% were advertising tools, 76% project management, and 73% were email marketing solutions.

27% of UK marketers consider cost to be the main risk in using technologies from third parties, followed by data security and reliability at 21% and 10%, respectively.

‘The key consideration when deciding to trust homebuilt solutions or use a third-party provider is the workload of the team. One has to find the right technology with the necessary expertise and ongoing capabilities for consulting to reduce the financial burden on a stretched team,’ said the CMO, Mailjet, Judy Boniface-Chang.

52% of respondents said that homemade tools were time-consuming. 33% of marketers said they lost time using new technologies, which raised questions about the effectiveness of homemade solutions.

38% of respondents said they were thinking of adding skills to their team after identifying knowledge gaps.

According to the study, data privacy and security issues are the main barriers for marketers (51%) using third-party solutions. Cost is a secondary factor that marketers consider.

‘It can be a full-time job to maintain an infrastructure that protects data properly,’ explained Judy Boniface-Chang. ‘It is also important to keep up with the changing laws and practices around data privacy.’

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