5G Helps Improve Verizon and AT&T Advertising

Brands have more options for supporting their marketing and advertising technologies with 5G connectivity.

According to Thomas Barnett, 5G also helps brands to be able to get more data. Barnett is the marketing director at Cisco. Explaining to the Digital Daily News, Barnett details how the provider can capture data from the phone from the consumer.
‘5G will pave the way to a new way of understanding mobile and personalizing experiences. Advertisers should be interested in this if they will develop and deliver effective campaigns,’ said Barnett.

Smartphones will take 54% of all device connections and will drive over 90% of traffic to the internet by 2022, explained a senior analyst at Cisco, Shruti Jain.
Cisco’s VNI data expects that 5G is precisely how Verizon and AT&T plan to take over support for the advertising and marketing for brands.

It is expected that by 2022, mobile traffic will get to a zettabyte making for almost 20% of all IP traffic globally. By then 5.5 billion people will be connecting to the internet through mobile technologies, which is 71% of the global population.
5G will represent over 3% of all mobile connections including support for VR and AR applications.

In 2022, video and multimedia content use will go up to 79%, an increase of 20%. Consumers will be using more devices, and so their experiences will be seamless as carriers move them to mobile devices.

There will be over 12 billion IoT connections and handheld devices an increase from 9 billion in 2017.

By 2022, there will be an increase in mobile network support for personal and IoT connections getting to eight billion and four billion respectively.
These numbers point to the reasons behind Brian Lesser’s comments about their television and company content strategy. Lesser is the CEO at Xandr. He said companies like cellular services and Direct TV see data from more than 170 million U.S consumers.

AT&T’s website details how technology has evolved to drive awareness about consumer 5G. The service is now available in areas like Houston, Oklahoma City, and Dallas.

Late last year, the company announced a plan to build a test area for 5G in Florida in 2020. More recently, AT&T’s 5GE service is serving up iPads and iPhones running iOS 12.2 beta.

Meanwhile, Verizon sponsored ‘Let’s 5G’, a website highlighting content on things related to next-gen wireless tech.

Consumers have a way to ask for support for the tech. The CEO of Verizon also offered $1 million seed money for developers with interest in working on new 5G applications.


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