4C Insights Reveal Brands to Spend More on Snapchat and Pinterest

Nearly 50% of all consumers make brand choices based on the values the brand embodies, with social media playing a critical role in the communication between customers and the brands they choose. According to the State of the Media’s report based on 4C insights, this was found to be true across more than a thousand brands all making over $350 million.

4C digital ads grew by 23% from the third to the fourth quarter of 2018, with Snapchat and Pinterest growing 29% and 43% respectively.

Instagram and Facebook ads through the platform grew 1% with travel and cosmetic brands keeping in the lead. At the same time, LinkedIn ads spend increased 17% driven by the debut of Video Ads.

Pinterest’s growth was highest with the report attributing this growth to the maximum width ad formats for Video.

Snapchat was a close second what with its efforts to ramp up ads using Snap Originals and Visual Search tools.
Twitter grew by 8%, a growth that was led by health and telecommunications ads.

‘The growth in direct communication between the brand and the consumer is disrupting the way brands sell their products and the marketing industry as a whole,’ explained Gregg Heslop, the director of 4C Insights. ‘Brands can speak to the end consumer directly. They no longer need set locations.

Instead, they spend their money on creating data infrastructure and spreading across platforms.’

For sure, brands and retailers are realizing the limitations in the traditional model for retail and are making the necessary changes.


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