33% of US Internet Users Make Social Media Purchases

A study published on eMarketer carried out by Bizrate Insights reveals that US internet users prefer social commerce as opposed to voice technologies and virtual reality.

More than 30% of consumers claimed to have bought something off social media. Another 27% said they were interested, although they were yet to try it out.

According to the latest figures, there has been an increase from last year’s 71% of respondents who had never purchased anything on social media.

The findings draw attention to efforts at boosting eCommerce features across Instagram, Snapchat, and Pinterest that have paid off.

Earlier this year, for example, Snapchat tested individual stores for different accounts by integrating Shopify.

Meanwhile, Pinterest improved the Discover feature.

Social commerce is one of the fast-growing eCommerce methods fueled by social platforms that make it easy for brands to display merchandise for shoppers to browse, follow and buy items,’ said the principal analyst at eMarketer, Andrew Lipsman. ‘Social media is, however, the real driver to the trend, offering contextual relevance to shopping in unprecedented ways.

Visual search reported a high consumer interest (56%) although only 13% of respondents actively use it.

39% of users claimed an interest in VR/AV shopping, but only 4% had tried it.

In reality, social commerce took a decade to get where it is. New technologies like VR, AR, and social commerce are still young,’ said Lipsman. ‘As the enhancements become integrated with social media, they will find useful shopping applications but will take a while before they become mainstream.

Credit: https://www.businessofapps.com/news/third-of-us-internet-users-are-making-purchases-via-social-media/

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