2019 Sees Brand Safety Incidents on Mobile Increase

Incidents of brand safety on mobile devices have gone up 194% over the last year going by reports by DoubleVerify.

In their Global Insights report, 2019, the company reports that fraudulent CTV and mobile apps also increased by 120%.

Brand safety is a primary concern for advertisers. In general, incidences increased by 0.2% this year but shot up 194% on mobile apps.

The research found 90% of brands to be actively trying to avoid inflammatory politics and news in their campaigns as they try to remain safe.

However, brands need to customize their safety settings to increase their safety.

On mobile apps, more than 50% of fraud was found to be tied to ad impressions and invalid traffic. 34% was user-based fraud, while only 11% was bot fraud. Comparatively, bot fraud makes 86% of fraudulent activity on OTT and CTV.
Viewability, in general, continues to increase across devices with display reporting 58%.

Meanwhile, apps found video and display viewability rates to be 70% more than other formats.

APAC reported the lowest fraud rates, in general, with incidents of brand safety ranging from 3.8% to 25% based on country. DoubleVerify found a 55% increase in the rates of brand safety in 2019.

Incidents of brand safety in EMEA increased by 17% and 68% in LATAM. North America had the highest increase at 77%.

The entertainment sectors are the most affected by issues of brand safety, followed by media, sports, and travel. Meanwhile, the highest fraud was reported in the sports, travel, media, and financial sectors.


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