2019 Q3 Sees Mobile Users Spend 23% more on Apps and In-app Purchases

Mobile user expenditure on Google Play and App Store was at $21.9 billion during the third quarter of 2019, a 22.9% increase according to Sensor Tower data.

App Store user spending got to $14.2 billion, while Google Play generated $7.7 billion.

Overall, the App Store made 65% of the total spending from both stores.

Google Play generated thrice more first-time app installs, but App Store’s year-on-year installs went up 5.3%. Downloads increased by 9.7%.

In China, downloads declined by 6% because of licensing issues. Revenue growth remained strong, rising by 26.9%.

Tinder is still the highest-ranking non-gaming app, with a $233 million revenue and a 7% increase per year. YouTube increased its ad spend to $164 million.

TikTok ranks among the top three downloaded apps, beating Facebook. In 2019’s Q3, the app saw 177 million downloads and is now one of the most downloaded apps after WhatsApp.

Revenues from mobile games went up 20% to get to $16.3 billion. Games contributed 74% of total ad spend, a decrease of 2% from last year. App Store users are spending more on games than Google Play users.

Combined downloads for the two app stores increased by 17.6% to get to 11.1 billion.

Google Play game downloads went up 78% while Apple’s decreased to 22%.

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