2018 Sees Rewarded Video Increase 139%

A report produced by Smaato detailing the global trends in 2018 for mobile advertising revealed that eCPMs and ad request volumes increased in the last six months of the year on the platform.

The increase owes to the move by advertisers to spend more on ads and on getting more customers through their phones all over the world.

The platform’s eCPMs went up by 32% while requests for mobile ads increased by 27%. The company found some areas of the US to grow at rates as high as 170% in ad requests for mobile and 75% in mobile eCPMs even if they were considered to be mature already.

At the same time, APAC saw the most growth. India had a 425% increase in ad requests, followed by Japan which made a 125% jump. These numbers can be explained by the rise in the number of developers deploying strategies to better their monetization.

‘We have partnered with mobile app developers all over the world for a long time. We are excited to see such a growth across pricing and supply metrics which point to what we have always known- that both the advertiser and the consumer are embracing mobile all over the world,’ said the president of Smaato, Arndt Groth. ‘During the second half of 2018, we saw many insights that support the narrative. People are interested in mobile advertising, and we knew this was coming.’

What is more, retail advertisers made close to 50% of mobile ad spend during that period. Singles Day and Cyber Monday were the two days responsible for setting sales records. Cyber Monday sales made 34% while Single’s Day produced more than $30 billion. 90% of this amount was attributed to mobile. According to the report, 'rewarded video' went up 139% and was explained by an increased interest in mobile videos by advertisers moving from TV.

Rewarded formats saw better investments because they allow the viewer to get a reward in the app in exchange for taking a particular action.

Meanwhile, ad fraud decreased by 25% for in-app ads, as opposed to mobile web advertisements. Specifically, viruses and bots were found to be lower in-app than on the mobile web.


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