2018 Sees Fraudulent Apps Increase 159%

Compared to 2017, fraudulent apps increased by 159% in 2018, according to reports by DoubleVerify.

Latest reports show that the more the demand for mobile app ads grows, the more fraudsters take advantage.

Last year, sophisticated but invalid traffic impressions on mobile apps doubled 2017’s numbers.

57% of fraudulent apps are either the utility or gaming apps according to the research.

DoubleVerify further found that there were 1.6 times more fraudulent apps in 2018 than there was the year before, a trend that highlights the sophistication of detection tech and the ramping up of fraudulent activity.
‘Ad spend is becoming more concentrated in mobile and specifically on apps. Fraudsters are refocusing their efforts to benefit from this trend,’ explains the head of the Fraud Lab at DoubleVerify, Roy Rosenfeld. ‘It’s imperative that brands know the risks so that they can spend their money accordingly and invest in the appropriate safeguards for their investments.’

During the research, the company identified and recorded different types of fraud including app misrepresentation, background ad activities and hidden apps.


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