2018 Saw Mobile Ad Spend Exceed Desktop, Video Leads

In the UK, last year, advertisers spent £13.44 billion on digital ads, marking a 15% increase from the year before.

Latest IAB and PwC Digital study on AdSpend shows that the smartphone was more than desktop for the first time, accounting for 51% of the total ad spend.

Commenting on the matter, the Chief Digital Officer at IAB UK, Tim Elkington says:
‘Mobile now makes over 50% of all ad spend, and that’s an important milestone. In the past ten years, we have reported these figures as separate. We have watched the spend go up to £6.88bn up from £38m in 2009.’
People spend 66% of their time online on their phones, and the data reflects this truth.

Video is still the dominant format for digital and mobile, making for 44% of all the display. Outstream formats were more than pre-roll, reaching 57% of the total video ads.

Native (23%) and banners (28%) followed in popularity.
76% of all video spend comes from smartphones. At the same time, social revenue got to 23% of all digital spend.

Latest reports show that companies with IAB UK standard certification outperform total display market by 8%.


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