2018 Reported Drop in Email Opening Rates on Phone

Between 2014 and 2018, there was a steady growth in the open and click-through rates for emails meant for marketing because brands focused more on quality content to address privacy regulations and respond to the need to offer relevant messaging.

The latest report by Acoustic revealed that ‘marketers were skeptical of data and privacy regulations like GDPR implemented in the UK and Canada’s CASL because they restrict access and use of consumer data for brands.’

Speaking on the issue, the program director of research at the company said

...our data points to the ways regulations are improving results and changing marketing organizations. More businesses are concentrating on customer experience and consumer trust. More to that, brands are turning to AI to dissect and analyze big data to personalize emails in responder to the need to improve permission and data management practices. Using AI means that brands know when their campaigns are not performing as hoped.

All regions noticed an increase in click-through rates, but the US went up 20% to get to 3.6% in 2018.

Automotive industry performed the highest for click-through rates (10%), followed by computer and telecoms (7.3%). Consumer products rated 5.6%, and energy and environmental industries were at 6.5%.

Meanwhile, the number of emails opened on the phone has gone down from 49.1% to 44.3% last year while engagement with webmail went up 6.7%.

Inbox messaging for mobile apps performed better than push notifications. Consumers interacted with inbox messages on mobile apps 22% of the time while they responded to push notifications only 5% of the time. Push notifications like flight delay messages have lower opening rates as they demand no further action.

Mobile inbox messages were opened at similar rates to email, while the rate of interaction was 9.8% more than email click-to-open rate.

Credit: https://www.businessofapps.com/news/email-opening-rates-on-mobile-decline-in-2018/

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