15 to 20-Second Long Native Video Ads Realize Highest Rates of Engagement

The first quarter of 2018 saw view-through rates for native ads remain high. The native videos for ads posted in feeds saw an average VTR of 40% all over the world and a viewability of 60%. A recent report revealed the U.K, Ireland, and the U.S to have the highest rates.

A native video report by Adyoulike disapproved the idea that mobile users have short attention spans and only respond to video content that is short. According to the data collected, there are common trends found in more than 30 million video views for ads in feed across the Adyoulike platform. The study set out to disprove the ‘short attention span’ theory between January and April 2018. They found that mobile users engage and will continue to watch longer video content as long as they have interest.

‘The age-old argument is that our memory becomes poorer after six seconds of concentration when we are watching mobile ads, but our data disagrees with that,’ said the chief officer for digital at Adyoulike, Dale Lovell.

According to the report, as long as the long-form content is presented correctly, mobile users would prefer to spend time on it than watching six-second ads. 72% of mobile users who watch a six-second video will continue with it up to 22 seconds. When the video gets somewhere between 15 to 22 seconds, tablet and mobile publishers have found users to be more engaged than on desktop.

The irony of the matter is that the engagement rates on the mobile will rise to 71% between those times only to fall to 37% percent past 22 seconds.

Compared to desktop users, tablet and mobile users become more engaged after six seconds. On premium publisher environments, they prefer longer content if it interests them.

‘A lot of time publishers just wrap and throw out 20 to 30 second TV ads without adding the punch line and formatting that would draw mobile users,’ he said.

Across the Adyoulike network, more than 33 million native ads were watched during the period of the study. In time, the number comes to 1700 days, 42000 hours and 2.15 million minutes.

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