Data driven Inspiration for In App advertising

Advertising Intelligence

  • The most comprehensive Creative Gallery with Over 100k unique Playable, Video and Banner ads weekly
  • Learn which ad creatives are used by competitors and analyze all advertising formats. Study mechanics of the most effective ads, and use it in your own campaigns for the better results.
  • See advertising mediation across 20+ top app networks, 25+ countries for thousands of advertisers and publishers.
  • Study best user acquisition strategies, spy on your app competitors, see best rising newcomers.
  • Create your own list of favorite apps, networks, ad creatives and track changes in their performance.

Watch overview of the product in 2 minutes

Watch overview of the product in 2 minutes

SDK and App market intelligence

  • Top charts. See apps rating changes by country, platform and category.
  • Get insights on weekly Revenue and Downloads estimates across platforms and multiple countries.
  • Analyze app profile pages from the App Store and Google Play. See their ranking history by category and country and track changes in description and screenshots.
  • Find contacts of top and most interesting publishers for your business development purposes.
  • See changes of installed or removed SDKs for top performing apps by version, analyse integrated tools of your competitors. Be aware of new trends.

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